For most customers STD & P is responsible for organizing delivery to the required location.

Delivery is an offer that STD & D applies to loyal customers.

Delivery not only saves travel costs and time for customers, but also helps customers avoid traffic risks: vehicle failures, congestion, even traffic accidents and loss of goods. ... Costs associated with these risks are increasing.

Technical incidents often have economic consequences and damages related to: replacement of new parts, corrective repairs, production stoppages and productivity losses.

Incident prevention is the goal of inspection and assessment of equipment status, focusing on vibration analysis and lubrication mode. STD & P specialists are skilled and specialized equipment for this service.

Troubleshooting includes cause analysis, offering solutions for prevention and prevention for the future. Troubleshooting is not simply a conclusion of personal responsibility, but also finding out the cause, offering solutions to repair and prevent repeated incidents that have long-term meaning.

The survey is to review and assess the status quo. In many cases the survey work is to serve the equivalent conversion of spare parts.

Consulting is an exchange of knowledge - experience, helping customers have a better choice, cheaper, more durable or all three. STD & P has a team of engineers and experts who are well-trained and rich in experience, allowing good implementation of consultancy - survey activities.

STD & P's Training and Training system focuses on the details of power mechanics (powertransmission), such as: Bearings, Belts, Oil seals, Flanges, O-rings, Hydraulic seals, Inserting Tet ; Box Reduce speed; Technical Lubrication, Hydraulic Hose, Maintenance chemicals: MRO glue, Cleaning agents ...

That is the details / parts are not only popular, but also very important in the mechanical systems of industrial production equipment. It is also the best parts / accessories.

The sole purpose of the Training and Coaching programs is to supplement and enhance in-depth knowledge of application characteristics and maintenance methods of transmission details. The knowledge and experience will then work and improve the reliability, operating life of the details, thereby improving the cost effectiveness of purchasing materials, improving capital efficiency. invest in the production equipment of the enterprise.